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Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Eric & Happie are bringing their warm folk harmonies and indie sensibilities to the world with their debut project, It's Yours. This album is made up of eight all-original duets and is their first published album together. Eric & Happie make music for all audiences and, more than anything, want you to know that their music, well, It's Yours.


Vocals, Guitar / Eric Hunker
Vocals, Guitar / Happie Hoffman



on the road

10/27 - Wedding (Private Event) // Little Rock, AR

11/2-4 - Tulsa Kallah (Private Event) // henryetta, OK

11/4-12 - AJT IC (Private Event) // Kiev, Ukraine

11/16-18 - Miami Convention (Private Event) // Miami, Fl

11/30-12/2 - NSR Convention (Private Event) // Kerhonkson, NY

12/14-16 - NY Convention (Private Event) // NYC, nY

12/20-23 - Eastern Convention (Private Event) // Raleigh, NC

1/7-10 - BBYO Staff Conference (Private Event) // Baltimore, md

1/18 -20 - NRE convention (Private Event) // washington DC

1/25-27 - cvr convention (Private Event) // westchester, ny




by Eric & Happie

It's Yours is a collection of eight original duets. The album ranges from upbeat pop-folk to a pure folk lullabies.  Eric & Happie's debut album highlights moments and memories in the journey of their lives. Listen here, and get your own piece of the magic on iTunes.